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Let's discuss the details

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Are you an entrepreneur or are you planning to become one? It is quite logical that you have questions about where to start, how to get a clear step-by-step and, most importantly, objective plan of action that you can trust and follow from the planning stage to launching a business. 

We have created more than 4,000 software products for assessing the economic efficiency of a business and know exactly what you need to pay attention to based on the stage you are at. 

What programs do you do?

We create programs in which we model the financial and economic activities of an enterprise 

Is there any extra? payments?

You pay for the creation of the program, then you work in it yourself

Do you work with Russia?

We work with entrepreneurs from different countries

How does the work happen?

We will contact you via video conferencing using Zoom.

Where are you at?

We live and work in the United States of America

Where to begin?

Start withconsultations

What is important? The approach is important!

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Piter Pakulski, financial analyst

I have over 17 years of experience in financial modeling. This experience allows me to create user-friendly and understandable programs that are used every day by entrepreneurs around the world.

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